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There are LIMITATIONS to this method of locating that should understood BEFORE you decide to purchase.

My reputation goes with every unit I sell and as a result, I refuse to overstate the capabilities of my products

If you have any questions that are not answered through the information on this page, feel free to contact me by E-mail, phone or mail BEFORE you make your purchase. My philosophy is, and always has been that a consumer who has all of the information, both positive and negative, makes my very best customer, and friend.

Thank you for your interest.      Dell




    There is no assurance of success. There is much more to finding Treasure than following a signal line to it's end, digging down, and expecting to become "wealthy beyond your wildest dreams" as one manufacturers instructions state and others have implied. Whatever tool anyone uses it can only be as successful as the knowledge, experience and talent of the person using it. Even some luck will play a part in that success. Being in the night place at a time with favorable operating conditions are part of the ingredients for success.

    If you wish to determine if MFD will work for you, bend a pair of L-Rods from coat hangers, wire, or Brass welding rods. Lay a garden hose on the ground and turn on the water. Hold the rods parallel with each other and the ground and walk across the garden hose. If there is no interference the rods will react by crossing and aligning themselves with the electrical/magnetic field generated by the water running through the garden hose. Even slightly moving water is one of the strongest concentrators of the E/M field as it rises from the core of the earth. The metal alone in the rods react within known laws of physics to these concentrated E/M fields.

    Most anomalies act as a condenser concentrating the earth's E/M field around them making this field stronger at that point than the area that surrounds the anomaly, therefore making it distinguishable. The amount of E/M field that is concentrated will vary greatly. Some chemical elements of anomalies such as Gem stones concentrate the Earth's E/M field poorly but become detectable when frequency and electrical current is used to excite the molecules.

    Another good concentrator of the E/M field is Iron. Another test you can perform is lay a piece of iron on the floor or ground and walk directly over it to get a reaction with the L-rods. Don't expect results every time because these concentrated E/M fields work against an opposing field surrounding the earth. The field around the Earth often fluctuates in strength and at times may be stronger than the field the rods normally react to but a surge in strength will override it. You loose the signal strength of the anomaly. This same phenomena takes place with the signal strength of the MID and must be understood to be successful.

    If you wish to prove to your self that MFD can work locating Non Magnetic (non Ferrous) elements place a piece of Gold or silver with at least I inch surface area, on a table or counter (not Glass) and use only one rod, hold it level and pass the tip of the rod (not too fast) back and forth about I inch above the Gold or Silver. If there is some interference you will see the end of the rod hesitate and "drag" as it passed over the object. If there is No interference (opposing E/M field) the tip of the rod will "lock" and hold on the object until it is pulled off. If there is total interference or your body produces a stronger, overriding E/M. field there will be no reaction of the rod(s) whatsoever.

    The human body also concentrates the earth's E/M field and that field can be measured. Some will have a greater or lesser concentration (stronger or weaker) field than others but there does appear to be an area of average, a category that most of us are within. There are some exceptions of a persons generating an opposing E/M field stronger than that generated by the Anomaly or the MFD. They override the fields as they walk through them, in effect neutralizing them, and the Rods have no "strength of field" to react to. In my experience, these same persons were unable to wear a mechanical wrist watch. The watch would stop.

    In using LRL, MFD or even any electronic remote sensing instrument that utilizes E/M fields, we are only responding to the strongest of the fields that may be layered or surrounded among many many weaker fields.

    The metal (elements) contained in the rods are reacting according to elementary physics to the stronger, concentrated E/M fields. Many of these same E/M fields can also be measured with sensitive electronic instruments. The rods alone provide absolutely no discrimination of these fields. Neither do the electronic instruments that are used to measure these fields.

    The specific Molecular Frequency generated by the electronics in the MFD provides the discrimination of the concentrated E/M fields by "matching" the resonating frequency of that selected element and establishing a harmonic relation to that specific element. In addition, it provides an overriding of the unwanted E/M fields allowing only the field of the selected (discriminated to)element to come through to be measured by the reaction of the L-Rods or electronically metered. This is a natural occurring phenomena and the MFD is a configuration of electronic components that we use as a tool to control and speed up this natural process. There are limitations to these electronic tools and manufacturers need to inform buyers of these limitations to restore credibility to this valuable tool, Needless to say there will be variations in an MFD's capabilities, efficiency, size, weight and claims, as well as price, according to who is the manufacturer and promoter.



    Yes! But, using the L-Rods for the purpose of Dowsing should be distinguished from it's use with electronics.

    Dowsing is considered in the realm of, Meta-Physics. (psychic)  L-Rod(s) or pendulums are often  used to as a physical  tool to communicate with the sub-conscious part of our brain via a trained mind/muscle Ideomotor response,  usually in answer to conscious  "Yes", or "No" questions.

    When Dowsing, electronics are not required, or used. The discrimination of the E/M field's the metal of the Rods naturally react to, is done Mentally.

    There are certainly less limitations to Dowsing, but it requires more practice and is often difficult to comprehend.

    Nevertheless, as long as the L-rods are used with the MFD, it is beneficial for the user to have some understanding of the distinction between the two different uses  The correct interpretation of the reaction of the L-Rods is different. Consequently, when the two methods are intertwined confusion can result.

    Some manufacturers of MFD's & LRL's are guilty, whether purposely or through ignorance, they are not separating or explaining the distinction between your own. inherent Dowsing  abilities, and that of Physics and  electronics. Consequently some claims are made about MFD's that the present configuration of electronics in the MFD's & LRL's on the market simply cannot accomplish.

    Accept or deny Dowsing, it has been around and known by a lot of different names for over 5000 years. To last that long it would be logical to assume there is some thing to it. Considering  that some of the great minds of history have captured it's benefits, it may be a method of opening to new a wealth of knowledge.

    Whether you wish to believe or not, that all humans have this capability and once it is realized it can be the most profound tool for learning we have available to us.

    Recently, it has been reported by Scientist conducting studies on the human brain that all Humans are psychic, on a sub-conscious level.

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