REPORTED LRL DISCOVERIES & FINDS REPORTED LRL DISCOVERIES & FINDS FOUND WITH A LRL This Coral cemented cluster of smal Emeralds was recovered from a MFD location on a beach South of Ft. Pierce, Florida, buried 6 1/2 feet deep. Probably from a shipwreck. Dell 168266047 FOUND WITH A LRL Silver Spoons located with a LRL in the Bahamas reveals other shipwreck artifacts. Dell 168266048 FOUND WITH A LRL A Florida shipwreck located with a LRL yields Gold coins and other valuable Treasure. Dell. 168266049 FOUND WITH A LRL I conducted a MFD survey for the Morning Star mine in North Carolina, Which the Mining Engineer reported they smelted 40 lbs. of Gold, and recovered over 100 beautiful nuggets, from the locations I made with a MFD. Dell 168266050 FOUND WITH A LRL A gold location with a MFD turned out to be a childs ankle bracelet buried 2 feet deep and the discovery of a bottle dump where more than a thousand old bottles were recovered and donated to the Historical Musuem in Webster, Florida. Dell 168266051 FOUND WITH A LRL This Gold watch along with a $5 Gold Coin was located and isolated with an LRL buried under 5 feet of Coral & Sand, beneath 18 feet of water. Dell 168268067 FOUND WITH A LRL Digging through the Coral to find the Gold Watch & Coin underwater. Dell 168268813 DISCOVERED WITH AN LRL LRL used at Qumran to search for Copper Scrolls. Archaeologist: Vendyl Jones 169830968