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Quotes "My brother has been in the mining business for 20 years and has come across other devices but never has he been more convinced and motivated by the performance of a product like the Gold-Beam. I would like to thank you dearly and congratulate you for manufacturing such a fine product." (H.M., Mexico) Quotes

Quotes "With the Gold-Beam I located and recovered 4 gold coins from a distance of 83 feet and with the Geo-Surveyor I located a 1 ounce silver bar from 61 feet away. In 50 years of treasure hunting I've tried them all and nobody makes Long Range locators that work as good as Dell Systems - Omnitron. Dell's WEIGHT CHEK, works with my Goldbeam. It works with my Geo-Surveyor and it works with my field dowsing equipment. I recommend the Weight Chek to anyone that is serious about finding treasure!" (Julius Causey, Paramount, CA) Quotes

Quotes "I would like to buy a Model VR-800. My friend found 174 gold coins with the VR-800." (D.K., Greece) Quotes

Quotes "Dell, you geophysical survey using map dowsing and the Omnitron Remote Sensing instruments at our four mining properties in North and South Carolina continue to be 100 percent accurate. We would like to hire you for another survey." Jack Forteson, Mining Engineer, for the Moriningstar Mine. NOTE: - North Carolina mine operator Jack Forteson credits their mines production of 120 pounds of smelted gold, over 200 Gold nuggets, and saving the company nearly a million dollars in non productive land acquisitions in a 1992 MFD survey conducted by Dell Winders, on their mining properties in North, and South Carolina. Quotes

Quotes "With my Scanmaster MFD I was picking up signals everywhere and it was confusing not to know which were valid and which were not. I now use Dell's WEIGHT CHEK, to qualify the signals and it shows me immediately if a target is worth pursuing. It really works!" Kenneth Williams Quotes