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                                            LONG RANGE LOCATING

Long range locating equipment is certainly part of the future of precious metal locating; however, at present it has not been developed to the point of perfect accuracy. In it's present status, correct interpretation of the signals by the operator is necessary for accurate results. This means practice until a degree of expertise is acquired. The balance of success is about 20 percent instrument and 80 percent operator; however, with operator knowledge and correct interpretation , there is no other single piece of equipment that can locate and provide as much information about a site as the Harmonic Induction System.

The electronics of these instruments are fixed to a normal magnetic field. They can not compensate for field fluctuations therefore the operator must be aware of any changes by manually testing the unit. The instrument and operator are measuring the differential between the magnetic field surrounding the earth and the fields created by the target metals, both ferrous and non-ferrous as well as other chemical elements. It has become difficult at times to measure these differences because of increasing solar flare activity that produces surges in the magnetic field surrounding the earth which at times can become stronger than the field produced by the metals or the instrument. Understanding this and other facets will contribute to your overall success with the instrument.

Please don't have the impression that any single piece of equipment is going to find the Treasures you seek. The present technology of the MFD is still primitive. Unfortunatly, in this high-tech world it is the only method available to us as Treasure Hunters that offers any degree of Discrimination to help locate deeply buried anomalies. This of course, is only one small step toward a recovery. The PRO models have practical time saving features for field use which exceed that of previous models and competitive brands on the market costing thousands of dollars more. It is one of the very best Discriminating, Remote Sensing Locators you can buy, at any price.

I can't say that you will not dig empty holes or uninteresting targets, but with DELL SYSTEMS- OMNITRON Professional remote sensing MFD, you can gain much of the preliminary information that helps you to determine if a detected target warrants an exploratory excavation. PRO model MFD w/ Weight Chek, speeds up the process of Search and Recovery by the elimination of most of the unwanted targets, saving the time and expense of digging every location.
MFD provides far better discrimination than Dowsing Rods, or Locator Rods alone, although Directional type Locator Rods, can be used effectively to quickly locate a discriminated MFD target. In theory, the discrimination of elements by MFD is accomplished by broadcasting specific frequencies into the Ground, or Air, which in turn generate a harmonic response from a selected target element. The high speed oscillation of the harmonics appear to create an E/M field in the form of a line from the transmitter. to and beyond the discriminated target. This discriminated Signal line can often be traced considerable distances to pinpoint the emanating "Field" of a buried target at the surface of the ground and it's location pinpointed with the Receiver Antenna (Dowsing type) Rods that are included with PRO model, Frequency Discriminators.

Although MFD broadcast signals will respond to insignificant targets containing microscopic particles, The PRO - 4 model, MFD utilizes a Belt controlled, "Weight Chek" receiver connecting to the Antenna Rods, which allows the operator to decrease the "Strength of Field" (SOF) of a target, or Signal Line, going to the rods. The Remote receiver can, at the option of the operator, eliminate 100% detection of micron particles, fringe signals, small targets, and can be manually controlled to "null out" up to 15 pounds of a targets weight. This helps in comparing discriminated Signal lines to several targets at a time, and determine if a target is worth consideration to attempt a recovery. This process is similar to dialing out mineralization with a Metal Detector except with "Weight Chek" it can be done remotely anywhere along the harmonic signal line, at a distance from the target, while having no effect on the frequency of the transmitted signal. Dialing out the SOF also serves to reduce the distance of the detectable Signal Line normally extending beyond the target, making it easier to pinpoint. In air tests conducted on Lead targets, the PRO model nulls out (eliminates) up to 40 pounds of target weight. The advertised "Weight Chek" of up to 15 pounds is an arbitrary figure to account for highly minerialized areas and magnetic anomalies, which may occur by amplifying the size and volume of a target under actual field conditions. You may experience a much greater "Weight Chek" target nulling, depending on the Solar Magnetic Interference (SMI) operating conditions present at the time of your locating.

The PRO-4 model, has a slide switch on the side of the unit (green indicator light) which greatly expands the nulling ability of the remote "Weight Chek". 

 Complete MFD surveys are performed in a series of steps with each step being repeated three or four times to help insure an accurate conclusion. Although the MFD signal can, during periods when there are no effects from Solar Magnetic Interference (SMI) be able to broadcast for great distances, any practical survey where accuracy is important should be limited to within 100 yards of the Transmitter.

Although I developed MFD for the express purpose of discriminating and detecting the presence of deep buried Treasure, it also has uses for Geologist, Archaeologist, Prospectors and Metal Detectorists. A dredger can quickly determine the best potential Gold bearing hot spots in a stream bed, and a coin shooter can quickly isolate the potential areas of a Gold or Silver, coin or ring within a football field or playground although he target may not necessarily be within the limited depth range of the Metal Detector.

I have provided MFD surveys for Archaeologists to discriminate and mark the approximate locations of a variety of buried metals such as Copper, Tin, (Bronze) Lead, Iron, Gold & Silver, plotting their general physical locations and estimating the approximate size and depth layers, providing an inexpensive, non-invasive method of discovering and evaluating the potential of a suspected Archaeological site. I've used MFD to survey Gold mining properties with the MFD surveys complimenting the standard Geophysical methods they were using, and the MFD locations have been ground truthed with recoveries.
In some cases, it has been possible to obtain approximated information with the MFD, such as the size of a target, the thickness of a target, the type of a target, and to some extent, the depth of a target buried more than five feet. With practice and experience, this information is determined by the correct interpretation of the reaction of the Receiver Antenna Rods to the discriminated E/M fields of the Signal Line and target. There are limitations an operator must learn and understand to become consistently accurate.

The initial process of eliminating unwanted targets is exceptionally fast and is accomplished merely by turning a dial on the Weight Chek Belt Receiver, standing anywhere along the Discriminated signal line, between the transmitter and the target. Most signals to unwanted targets within a 100 yard radius of the transmitter are eliminated within the first 5 minutes of operation without the necessity of tracing the Signal Lines to the targets. This is a time saving feature of the Dell Systems-Omnitron products..

The PRO-4 Frequency Discriminator with "Weight Chek" may not be a perfect solution to finding buried Treasure and sub- surface anomalies but with a bit of practice and experience, it can become an invaluable information gathering tool to speed up to speed up the locating process over conventional methods until a better Technology for Prospecting, Treasure Hunting, and Archaeology are invented and developed.

Thank you for your interest! Dell Winders